Sleep CPD for BACP Members and  GPs

Our 1-day CPD for BACP members and GPs shows you how to help clients improve their sleep quickly and effectively. Improved sleep aids counselling outcomes and builds both psychological and physical resilience in clients. The techniques can also be used as a stand-alone intervention to help anyone get a better night’s sleep and a more productive, happier and successful day.

Chronic sleep problems affect 30% of the adult population and contribute significantly to poor mental health and well-being. One of the most effective ways to help individuals looking for a remedy to this most debilitating problem is a combination of CBT, NLP and hypnotherapy.

Our 1 day CPD for BACP members explores;

  •     Latest academic research into sleep
  •     Sleep cycles and how they affect us and how we can utilise them
  •     How CBT and NLP can clear away psychological blocks that hamper good quality sleep
  •     How hypnotherapy be used to aid sleep improvement by communicating directly with the unconscious
  •     Using the power of our internal voice to improve the quality and length of our sleep
  •     How controlling sleep never works and how letting go does and how to do it
  •     How to calm and prepare a busy mind for sleep
  •     What to do if you wake during the night
  •     Re-setting your unconscious mind for effective sleep
  •     Trauma and sleep
  •     Medication and sleep
  •     Pain and sleep

We will examine a range of fascinating real life case studies which show strategies that clients used to overcome sleep disorders

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